"8 Necessary Baking Tools in Your Home Kitchen"

"8 Necessary Baking Tools in Your Home Kitchen"

Wednesday 8th Nov, 2017

In order to make a delicious cake, in addition to raw materials, the baking tools are one the things that you need to prepare. We will give you 8 suggestions on the necessary baking tools. You will become the master of your kitchen room quickly.

 The Oven – One of The Most Important Tools In Your Kitchen

Most of the cakes are to be baked. Of course, many cakes would not require the oven. But if you are capable of, it’s best to buy a toaster that can do so many different attractive cakes. Even, you can fully use the best gas grills. Some cakes only require the appropriate fire and temperature, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the family’s barbecue grills. If you want to buy a quality oven, then you need to consider a few points below when buying an oven for the family:

– Buying an oven with a reasonable capacity, should not choose too big or too small oven.

– Select the oven has many bars. Ideally, you should choose an oven with 3-4 rungs. This will help you place the baking sheet in different positions.

– The oven should have a button to adjust the time and temperature (250-300 degrees C).

– You should get the oven with a capacity of 35-40 liters or more.

– In order to stabilize the temperature of the oven after turning on the oven, you should buy and use the fan heatsink. This type of fan is air conditioning throughout the oven.

The Mixer Cachine

The mixer is the 2nd type of indispensable tools after the oven. The mixer will assist you in making these delicious cakes. This is an important and necessary machine in your kitchen. The mixer has 2 different types:

– Hand-mixer: The hand-mixer is used along with two types of sticks. You can use the machine to mix the powder, but the machine will be difficult to use because of low power. You use the machine to mix the dough, so they will be soft, supple and hard features. In addition, this machine is also frequently used to beat eggs, beat cream and powder mix.

– Stand mixer:  The stand mixer may be self-standing. A stand mixer is a multi-functional machine, you will do a lot of important baking as beat the butter soft, cookie dough, beat eggs, beat cream and even kneaded the dough.

The hand-mixer and the stand mixer, all of them have the same feature. But the stand mixer is greater capacity, so you can easily manipulate and create better quality products. According to the experience of another cooking woman, they found that the stand mixer will save time, and improve efficiency. You’ll do more different things when the machine is running, this will be very helpful. If you have enough money, then you should buy both types of machines. As you will see two cases. If you need fewer quantity cakes so the hand-mixer will convenience. If you need large quantities of bread, then the stand mixer will be more effective.

The cooking baking tools

The Special Scale for Baking

The Baking is a work need the absolute accuracy about the rate, especially the rate of raw materials. Therefore, you will need a dedicated weight to measure the quantities of raw materials, especially the dry ingredients such as flour, butter, baking powder, chocolate, salt. You should select the type of weighing 3-5 kg, which will ensure higher accurate. And if possible, you should buy electronic scales, measuring accuracy or 0.1g to 1g.

The Ministry of Measuring Tablespoon and Teaspoon

If you want to create the perfect cake, then you will need this kit. These delicious cakes will need the perfect mix of materials. In particular, the raw materials such as vanilla, baking soda, oil, powders, the unit is not grams and ml, it will be 1, ½, 1/4, 1/8, ¾ teaspoon or tablespoon. By using this kit, you do not need to convert between units. This helps you to achieve accurately and does not take much time.

Note: the teaspoon and tablespoon are a type of measuring units in accordance with international standards. If you use the cake guidebooks and they are translated from overseas, you will often see the tablespoon and teaspoon. You should avoid any misunderstanding with a scoop to eat at home. teaspoon and tablespoon are the measuring units for cooking ingredients. You should buy even one kit to help you better bake. The kit is not high price.

The Cups Is Used in Measuring Units of Cup or Oz

The Cup is divided lines, used to measure liquid ingredients such as water, milk, syrup. The American cakes often use units or ounce cup instead gr and ml, should use this cup will bring more convenient for you.

The Spatula

The Spatula can be made of silicone or plastic. The spatula has a structure such as a shovel. You use it in making bread dough will help you better. And also help to clean the bottom and neat suits.

The Whisk

The whisk used to mix materials, especially lightweight materials such as beaten egg, fresh cream. If you already have a mixer, you are still indispensable tools in the kitchen. It would be very useful and help you create delicious dishes.

It has two types: sauce whisk and whisk ballon. The two types have different functions and different shapes. The Sauce whisk is made of thick metal fibers, long and hard shaped, for mixing the powder. The ballon whisk is thin and round. The Sauce whisk to stir the mixture as mixing the powder, cream or eggs together.

The Mixing Bowl

Depending on the different uses, you’ll choose the appropriate the mixing bowl. On the market there are many different kinds of the mixing bowl, each product is different than on materials, colors, and designs. You will have more choice and rich diversity.

Note: you should select the type of stainless steel product. Since it will be lighter and safer than glass types. But if you mix and compost powders in the microwave, then you should select the type of glass would be more appropriate. For other types of plastic locks should be limited use, because it is difficult washed grease.

To avoid fluid that falls out, you should buy the product- has a height of about 15-20cm and 20-30cm in diameter around the mouth.